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          Trip to the Eden Project

          Trip to the Eden Project 15 JULY, 2019 Excursions & Activities By Cleo The Eden project, often called the “eighth wonder of the world” is comprised of two biomes, the Rainforest & the Mediterranean. The mesmerising scene is enhanced by the diversity of plants...

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          Let’s Dance

          Let's Dance 11 FEBRUARY, 2018 Excursions & Activities One of our activities the past two summers has been to Exim Dance Company the contemporary dance workshop, hip hop and street dance, is one of our newest and most popular activities. As well as teaching our...

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          Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

          We are now feeling the change in temperature (most days) and summer is right around the corner so we have put together a list of beaches which are near Plymouth and just a bus journey away. As some of our students are from landlocked countries and have never...

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          TOEIC Special Offer

          TOEIC SPECIAL OFFER TOEIC SPECIAL OFFER FREE ENROLMENT ON TOEIC COURSE - FEBRUARY 2017 (normally £80) 23 hours intensive course: £425 / week Homestay accommodation: £23 / night Group price available on request Bookings and enquiries......

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          School Illustration

          Sep 6, 2016 | Illustration, The Sparrow Times | 0 Comments

          A big thank you to Sarah Smalldon for her contribution to this month’s Sparrow Times. Sarah is a Fine Artist & Illustrator living in Plymouth. She is best known for her portraits of houses, buildings and intricate line drawings. Sarah works in a variety of media...

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          Study with Suzanne Sparrow Plymouth Language School

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